Golden Elegance (extra elegant)

by Glass Lamborghini

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This new and most deluxe fancy version of the 5 song EP Golden Elegance by Glass Lamborghini now has two extra high quality sound music tracks for to add even more extra elegance to put into your life today. Please to enjoy the most elegant glamourous of super cool music tracks "Phoney Bologna" and "White Rage" for all of your elegance needs. Thank you and have a handsome day.


released April 15, 2011

all songs written by Glass Lamborghini (c) 2011
yelling & fingers by Admiral Grey
stomping & hitting by Thermos Unigarde
mooging by K Evans
recorded by Champagne Sequins at Bushwick Project For The Arts in 2010
mixed by L Driskell & Admiral Grey
mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering



all rights reserved


Snake In The Boot Brooklyn, New York

Snake In The Boot is all of the snakes, ever. Also it is Admiral Grey and sometimes it is Lillie Jayne. It is good for you, think about it.

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Track Name: Raison Death Trap
find a reason for being
find something

you're walking
and the sidewalk is very dirty
you're walking
and you become very conscious of your feet where you step

there is so much garbage all over the sidewalk
how can it all be
how can it all have somewhere to go
how can we keep making more candybars
more styrofoam cups more packaging and more things to package
what happens to all the plastic bags in the garbage?

i wish they all had a nice place to go
an island where they'd become balloons, black birds, white birds, sometimes blue or yellow
their logos would become gilded feathers, finery
their handles big white eyes
and they'd begin to see...

oh, see me
don't touch me
you can feel me
but i don't need you to heal me
Track Name: Squishy Comet
i wanna
i wanna ride your comet
i wanna
i wanna ride your comet
wrap my arms and legs around it
surround it and become it

we'll feel everything at once
this is the universe on fire in our pockets
replace our eyes in their sockets
with the fire of stars

i'll hold on tight
to your light
make everything right
our burning soft comet
our squishy spark
dividing the dark

i wanna ride your comet

i want something so bright, let it burn me
turn me into dust
we'll be beautiful
Track Name: Make It Sparkle
you know what i want
i only have one finger on my body
it's how i was made
i can't do anything but beg
and beg
and beg you

Make It Sparkle!
make it fresh
make it sparkle!
make it fresh

i am a woman and a woman has needs
i'm a helpless little creature, dear, won't you hear my pleads?

i want to be dripping with diamonds
i want to be dripping with jewels
i want to be dripping

oh, take me to a big house and lock me in
i can decorate my cage, happy, free from sin
i can make a lot of babies that will do me in
and i won't understand why i have depression

you can work at your job and go out with the boys
and when you come home you can complain about the noise
i'll resent you for not helping, you'll resent me just the same
'cause you won't know your own children and you'll think that i'm to blame

oh, make it sparkle
make it fresh

make me clean
make me rich
make me preen
make me bitch
prove to me that you're a provider
'cause there are rare rocks that you can acquire

make it sparkle
make it fresh